PeopleTicker Vendor Referral Network:

As a data company we compile staffing vendor capabilities for temporary sourcing, consulting, and direct employee recruitment.

No Costs for Staffing Vendors:

There are no fee's to be included in our network.  Complete the registration form and be immediately apply to our Vendor Referral Network.

Staffing Opportunities:

While we do not guarantee a vendor-ship, this is a great way to connect directly with the buyers of labor in your local market.

What is the PeopleTicker?

The PeopleTicker is a big data compensation research tool used by Fortune 2000 companies around the world. PeopleTicker clients conduct research on pricing employee and non-employee based labor (temps, consultants).

Who can qualify for the Vendor Referral Network?

Established Staffing Vendors from around the world are invited to participate in the  Vendor Referral Network.  Our Clients are seeking Vendors with established experience in a variety of industries.  In order to be considered, Vendors must be willing to align with market pay and bill rates.

What is the process to join the Vendor Referral Network?
Joining  the Vendor Referral Network is easy:
  • Vendor completes profile in Vendor Network portal.
  • Check email (and spam folder) for confirmation.
  • PeopleTicker Procurement team will contact you with any questions or clarifications.
  • Complete an online Rate Card for review
  • Your feedback is anonymous

Once approved for the Vendor Referral Network, what happens?

As the PeopleTicker brings on new buyers, your company may be asked to complete small online rate cards to provide insight into your costs for services.
If your company can supply resources at the prices you provide, the PeopleTicker will make your company information available to our customers who need your services.

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